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American English course for speakers of Portuguese. Learn English from Americans.

Pronunciation: /sh/ and /zh/

Josh (nome próprio)                   Asia (Ásia) shocking (chocante)                   azure (azul...

Dining at a restaurant

Josh, Susan and Chelsea are meeting just in front of the Gem Saloon, on Third Avenue, Gramercy. It is Sunday early afternoon, and they...

Pronunciation: /s/ and /z/

sack (saco de pano)                                 Zack (nome próprio) seek (procurar)   ...

Pronunciation: /tär/ and /rat/

air (ar)                                      ray (raio) bear (urso)   ...

Sentences with Irregular Verbs I

After World War Two, the United States becomes the most powerful nation on Earth. Queen Elizabeth II became queen on February 6th, 1952. ...

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Questions About The Text “Dining at a Restaurant”

Who are the characters in this story? Where do they meet to dine? What does the hostess say when she greets them? Is...

Vocabulary for “Dining At A Restaurant”

to meet = encontrar                                       just in...

Pronunciation: /sh/ and /zh/

Josh (nome próprio)                   Asia (Ásia) shocking (chocante)                   azure (azul...