Verb Tenses–Present Continuous, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, -used to


TO BE        TO HAVE      TO LIKE     TO LOVE     TO WANT     TO SPEAK    TO FEEL      was/were   had              liked          loved           wanted        spoke         felt              been          had              liked          loved            wanted      spoken        felt

Present Continuous
I am being         I am  having      I am  liking        I am  loving         I am  wanting*          I am  speaking          I am feeling
Past Continuous
you were being         you were having          you were liking*         you were loving         you were wanting*          you were speaking          you were feeling


Present Perfect
he has been    he has had      he has liked      he has loved          he has wanted              he has spoken        he has felt
Past Perfect
we had been    we had had        we had liked       we had loved     we had wanted           we had spoken         we had felt
-used to tense
they used to be        they used to have        they used to like       they used to love        they used to want              they used to speak     they used to feel