Theatre Review: CLOUD 9 at The Seeing Place in Downtown Manhattan


At 80 Broadway in Downtown Manhattan, a group of actors put up this fine production of the old British play by Caryl Churchill, “Cloud 9.” On a set with the British flag, both stories will develop as funny as ever, one in 1880 and one in 1980.

As we know the plot in act 1, Clive, a British man living in colonial Africa with his wife, gay son played by a female actor, a black servant from a local tribe played by a white actor, and his wife’s mother, will have two visitors who will help entertain the family: Harry, a British explorer, and Caroline, a neighbor whose husband died recently and will become their governess. The family also has a 2-year-old daughter whose name is Victoria.

In act 2, a whole century has gone by, but the characters have aged 25 years. Therefore, now Victoria is a 27-year-old mother living in London in 1980. Her brother Edward is a very girly gay man who is in a relationship with another man who doesn’t want to commit to anyone. Her mother lives with them and she enjoys long conversations basically with herself.

This is a very good production that I recommend especially for a younger generation who wants to get used to what is probably the best play of Ms. Churchill. In the performance I attended, there were people of all ages in the audience.