MOTHER’S DAY: A Cheesy Family Movie; Very Well Done



Jennifer Anniston still looks young and fit. Julia Roberts doesn’t seem to have aged since PRETTY WOMAN. And now they are together in a movie with many stories…

Or, actually, in the story, Ms. Anniston (Sandy) works for Ms. Roberts (Miranda). To be more exact, she applies for a job with the famous TV personality, Ms. Miranda, and while she thinks she won’t get the job (spoil alert!), she actually does. Well, I didn’t actually tell too much of the story to ruin it, so I’m about to tell a little bit more.

Sandy lives with her two sons, while her ex-husband wants to approach their sons for a reason. (I really can’t spoil this one!) Bradley (Jason Sudeikis) also takes care of his two children without a wife; that’s what he kind of has in common with her, besides living in a small town in Georgia. We are lead to think they may end up getting together, but that’s also something you’ll have to figure out when you see this movie.

Rory O’Malley, Timothy Olyphant and Jack Whitehall are also in this cast with endless stories as well as endless plots. No wonder why the New York Times titled their review “‘Mother’s Day’ Is a Goopy, Glossy Sentimental Mess.”



FILM REVIEW by Lucas Eller