Interview with Meryl Sykes

Meryl Sykes

Lucas Eller: Hey Meryl. How are you doing today? Thanks for giving me this interview.

Meryl Sykes: No problem. I’m happy to be here.

L.E.: Tell me a bit about your acting experiences. How do you like pursuing an acting career in New York?

M. S.: I am very much at the beginning of the process of breaking into the business. It is difficult at this stage to balance the work you have to do promoting, networking, and focusing on the craft with a day job and all the other aspects of life that make one’s experience complete. I have good days and bad days but overall I enjoy being in New York and working towards my dream. When things really start happening I have no doubt it will all be worth it. And even if they don’t because I’ll have tried.


L. E.: It’s a great way to look at it, Meryl. You’re so  enthusiastic and positive… Is there any medium you want to focus more on? Stage? Big screen? Or TV?

M. S.: I want to work in all those mediums. I am working right now primarily to book a commercial. I have done student films and background for “Rescue Me” as well as different readings and a play at Manhattan Theatre Source that I both acted in and produced.

L. E.: What are your plans for 2012 in terms of work?

M. S.: My immediate goals are to be in a commercial and to build up my resume a little more with a theatre piece. In addition to that I plan on recommitting to networking and continue to let people know I’m here.

L. E.: And you’ll get it done, because you’re so adorable.

M. S.: Thank you Lucas. It was great talking talking with you.