List of 100 Regular Verbs

Aprenda inglês com o ator Lorenzo Pozzan, e aprenda a falar com o perfeito sotaque americano.
No. Verb Simple Past Past Participle Portuguese
1 to want wanted wanted querer
2 to look looked looked olhar
3 to use used used usar
4 to work worked worked trabalhar
5 to call called called chamar, ligar
6 to try tried tried tentar
7 to ask asked asked perguntar, pedir
8 to need needed needed precisar
9 to seem seemed seemed parecer
10 to help helped helped ajudar, socorrer
11 to talk talked talked conversar
12 to turn turned turned tornar, virar
13 to start started started começar, iniciar
14 to play played played jogar, tocar, brincar
15 to move moved moved mover, mudar-se
16 to like liked liked gostar
17 to live lived lived viver, morar, habitar
18 to believe believed believed acreditar
19 to happen happened happened acontecer, suceder
20 to provide provided provided providenciar
21 to include included included incluir
22 to continue continued continued continuar
23 to change changed changed mudar, transformar
24 to watch watched watched assistir, ver
25 to follow followed followed seguir
26 to stop stopped stopped parar
27 to create created created criar
28 to allow allowed allowed permitir, deixar
29 to add added added adicionar
30 to open opened opened abrir
31 to walk walked walked caminhar, andar
32 to offer offered offered oferecer
33 to remember remembered remembered lembrar
34 to love loved loved amar
35 to consider considered considered considerar
36 to appear appeared appeared aparecer
37 to wait waited waited esperar
38 to serve served served servir
39 to die died died morrer
40 to expect expected expected esperar, ter esperança
41 to stay stayed stayed ficar
42 to reach reached reached alcançar
43 to kill killed killed matar
44 to remain remained remained permanecer
45 to suggest suggested suggested sugerir
46 to raise raised raised criar, educar, aumentar, erguer
47 to pass passed passed passar
48 to require required required requerir
49 to report reported reported reportar, informar
50 to decide decided decided decidir
51 to pull pulled pulled puxar
52 to return returned returned retornar
53 to explain explained explained explicar
54 to hope hoped hoped esperar, ter esperança
55 to develop developed developed desenvolver
56 to carry carried carried carregar
57 to thank thanked thanked agradecer
58 to receive received received receber
59 to join joined joined juntar-se a
60 to agree agreed agreed concordar
61 to pick picked picked pegar, colher
62 to support supported supported apoiar
63 to end ended ended terminar
64 to base based based basear
65 to produce produced produced produzir
66 to face faced faced enfrentar
67 to cover covered covered cobrir
68 to describe described described descrever
69 to cause caused caused causar
70 to point pointed pointed apontar
71 to listen listened listened ouvir
72 to realize realized realized perceber
73 to place placed placed pôr, colocar
74 to close closed closed fechar
75 to involve involved involved envolver
76 to increase increased increased aumentar
77 to fill filled filled preencher
78 to represent represented represented representar
79 to focus focused focused focar
80 to drop dropped dropped deixar cair
81 to plan planned planned planejar
82 to push pushed pushed empurrar
83 to reduce reduced reduced reduzir
84 to note noted noted anotar
85 to enter entered entered entrar
86 to share shared shared compartilhar
87 to save saved saved salvar, guardar
88 to protect protected protected proteger
89 to occur occurred occurred ocorrer, acontecer
90 to accept accepted accepted aceitar
91 to identify identified identified identificar
92 to determine determined determined determinar
93 to prepare prepared prepared preparar
94 to argue argued argued argumentar
95 to recognize recognized recognized reconhecer
96 to indicate indicated indicated indicar
97 to wonder wondered wondered querer saber, imaginar
98 to lay laid laid pôr, botar
99 to fail failed failed falhar
100 to arrive arrived arrived chegar