Interview with Jeremy Neal


Jeremy Neal finished high school in Alabama and decided to move to New York City. Like many other beautiful faces, he is pursuing a career as an actor. Before the interview, we looked at a magazine with Zac Efron on the cover, and somehow the subject “High School Music” came about. He definitely doesn’t like talking about high school, it was the first question I tried to ask him and I could tell he didn’t like my question. I even tried to get him into it, and his reply was “Let’s move on to the next topic, we’re not talking about this one”. Then he laughed a lot and said “Next!”. [block_content]

Jeremy Neal

Lucas Eller: It’s so cool to be in high school, though, isn’t it?

Jeremy Neal: I hated high school. I always found myself overweight for my age and height.

LE: You’re lying… look at you! Your body is in great shape.

Jeremy laughs again.

LE: You told me you’re originally from Alabama. When did you move to New York City?

JN: I officially moved to New York when I was 18, after I graduated high school.

LE: That was two years ago? Or a year ago, right?

JN: I’m not telling you my age (laughing). I moved here a week after I graduated high school, from Arab, Alabama. I’ts pronounced A-Rab /’ay-rab/, not as in Arab. Back there it was Arabian nights prom theme every year. Awful!

LE: And then you moved here by yourself?

JN: I moved here… well, I don’t know how far into this I can get without being inappropriate. For purposes, I moved here by myself. (He laughs again).

LE: You moved here by yourself.

JN: I did, yes. (Still laughing).

LE: And you decided to own three or four theater companies here?

JN: No! The first thing I did was actually to get a gig with a magic theater company, a very small thing. It originated in Australia, and it created shows with some of the creator team of “Dora the Explorer”, things like a dolphin up a tree, among others… which are things I’m trying to produce here in the city, now that I no longer want to be in the shows. I wanna be able to bring those shows here and create something really nice.

LE: You don’t wanna be in the shows anymore?

JN: I can’t, because I’m too busy working to help produce them.

LE: Oh, no, it’s sad you won’t be in them. Good thing you’ll be helping backstage.

JN: So, it was my debut in New York, those three shows, and it was fun to be part of them. For some reason I can’t stop working for children, I guess perhaps because I look so young and I’m puppy-sounding, so I’m marketed to the young people.

LE: It’s because of your personality too.

JN: I guess… I don’t know what it is, but I’m done! (He laughs about it).

LE: Because you sound entertaining.

JN: I guess… I don’t know what’s going on. I hate it. That’s not true, kids, come see the show. (He jokes about it). [/block_content]

LE: Kids are adorable to work with.

JN: They are.

To be continued…