Dining at a restaurant

This is a picture of the real restaurant The Gem Saloon.

Josh, Susan and Chelsea are meeting just in front of the Gem Saloon, on Third Avenue, Gramercy. It is Sunday early afternoon, and they are about to have brunch.

They greet outside the restaurant, before walking in.

Susan: Hey, guys! It is so nice to see you both. How is everything?

Josh: Hey, Susan, hey, Chelsea. Great to see you two. Let’s go to our table.

Chelsea leads the way in.

Hostess: Good afternoon. Table for three?

Chelsea: Good afternoon. We actually have a reservation under Clinton.

Hostess: Chelsea Clinton?

Chelsea: Yes, that’s right.

Hostess: This way, please.

The hostess walks them to their table, and leaves three menus on the table.

The waiter approaches, greets them and tells them the specials.

Waiter: We have three specials today. Eggs Benedict with our chef’s secret hollandaise sauce, which is rarely on the menu. Crab cakes with a baby spinach side salad. We also have a steak sandwich on ciabatta bread, with crispy friend onions, tomato, and garlic herb cheese. The chef naturally recommends the Eggs Benedict, due to the special sauce. For now, I’d like to take your drink order, if you’re ready.

Susan: I already know what I want to drink: A glass of the Kendall Jackson Pinot Grigio sounds like the perfect wine for Sunday brunch today.

Chelsea: I’d like an Irish Coffee, which sounds wonderful.

Josh: Well, today is a slightly warm day, so I’m going to drink a beer. Blue Moon is my choice.

The waiter: Thank you for now. I’ll be back in a little bit to take your food order.


(This story is material for Portuguese-speakers who study English abroad; it is fiction.)